Saturday Classes


09:00–09:40 Baby Balletto (09:00–09:30) Early Performers Junior 1
09:30–09:50 Teeny Tappers    
09:50–10:30 Early Performers Junior 1 Junior 2
10:40–11:20 Junior 1 Junior 2 Early Performers
11:30–12:10 Junior 2    
12:15–12:45 Street Dance Class    

Saturday Packages

Artisan Theatre School provides various different packages available for children aged 2-18 years. Please see below the details of packages we offer- with discounts given. First sessions are free.

Groups will be arranged in accordance to standard/not just age.

Triple Threat

Act, Dance, Sing

Early Performers & Junior 1
Junior 2
ages 3–18 years
£22 per day

Children are invited to develop their skills in all areas of musical theatre, we train our Artisan pupils to be Triple Threats in the arts and confident in performing. Children will learn and develop their acting, singing and dance skills from our professionally trained team in a fun, creative and relaxed environment which ensures a high level of discipline. Regular showings are organised for parents to watch children’s progression, for all of our Triple Threat pupils to perform in!

Stage & Street Stars

Prepare, Practise, Perform!

ages 3–18 years
£25 per day

Train with the Artisan team all morning in all areas of the arts. This is a high energy package designed for children wanting to persue all areas of the arts including our popular Street Dance class. This package allows children the chance to develop their dancing skills further, looking at different techniques developing rythm and co-ordination. Regular showings are organised for parents to watch childrens progression, as well as annual show cases arranged for all of our “Stage & Street Star” pupils to perform in! Stage & Street Stars receive a discount for the full morning when booking!

Baby Balletto

Explore creativity through movement

ages 2–4 years
£5 per class

From as young as 2 years old children are invited to explore their creativity through movement, with our specialist early years trained teacher. Let your child discover ballet and tap in an imaginative, fun and creative way developing their musical movements, co-ordination, rhythm posture and poise. These classes are kept smaller to co-inside with Ofsted regulations ensuring each child is focused and given full attention. All teachers are regularly DBS checked and first aid trained.

Parents are encouraged to leave their children for these classes, as it allows the child the confidence to explore and develop their creative side fully. (It also allows our parents a little time off too!) At the end of each term a showing of the childrens progress is presented to parents from our Teeny Tappers and Baby Balletto Team!

Teeny Tappers

Explore Rhythm, Posture and Poise!

ages 2–4 years
£3 per class

Your child will develop their musical ear, rhythm and co-ordination as well as learning how to support their body and hold it more confidently! Children will be able to enter in for their grades in ISTD Tap, learn various routines and retain choreography.

Term dates

Autumn Term Half term no classes Sat 29th October and w/c Monday 31st October – 4th November
Christmas Holidays no classes 19th December – 6th January 2017
Spring Term Half term no classes w/c 20th February
Easter Holidays w/c 3rd – 22nd April 2017
Summer Term Half term no classes w/c 29th May – 3rd June
Summer Holidays w/c 26th July – 8th September


“My daughter has been attending Samantha’s LAMDA classes for a while now an has thoroughly enjoyed them. She is now on Grade 4 and is totally hooked and definitely wants to keep going all the way to the top grade. She says Samantha is a such a lovely Teacher.”

Gaby Roslin

“My daughter started doing drama with Sam at 7yrs old. She was very shy and didn’t like performing or speaking in public. She is now a super confident 8 year old and about to sit her first LAMDA exam. She has enjoyed Samantha’s classes enormously. It has given her confidence and this has impacted on all areas of her life. Sam’s classes are all about confidence, growing ability to focus individually and to work as a group.”

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